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Staves, Spears, Javalin's etc...

Here you can see all of the Staves, Spears, Javalin's, etc, that I have made recently. Wonderful World Of Weapon Props will always take commissions.

Props are built to your height with no change to the price.
Prices and information will surface as new props are completed.


Axis Powers/Hetalia Chessboard Piece "The Bishop's Staff"


FFTA2- Panelo's Staff

FFXIII- Fang's Spear

FFX- Yuna's Staff

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  • "I got the 2 Rikku daggers from here and they're soooo well made and they look really good! They're super light too so I can easily use them for conventions. Super happy! ^.^"
    Alexa Davis
  • "Basically us and other people what you thought about your purchased weapon prop. Did you like it? What did you think of it? Would you shop with us again? "
    Manami Azuma
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