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Here you can see all of the Knives, Daggers, Shuriken, etc that are made here at Wonderful World Of Weapon Props.

Naruto- Kunai (8 1/4" long, 2" wide)

B001- Naruto Kunai 2 for $10.00 (Save $4.00)

B002- Naruto Kunai $7.00 each

Naruto- Shuriken (3" diameter)

B003- Naruto Shuriken 3 for $6.00 (save $1.50)

B004- Naruto Shuriken  $2.50 each

Naruto- Paper Bomb (Magnetic)

Boo5- Magnetic Paper Bomb $1.50 each

Naruto- Kunai (9 1/4" long, 2" wide) Resin

Naruto Combo Pack-

B006- Contain one Kunai, two Shuriken, two paper bomb (magnetic) $10.00  (Save $3.50)

Naruto- Haku's Needles

B007- Haku's Needle $2.00 each.

Durarara- Pocket knife


FFX-2 Rikku's Daggers (2 in a set) Made of Wood

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Boo9-  3/4" & 1/4" furniture Grade Plywood $60.00

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  • "I got the 2 Rikku daggers from here and they're soooo well made and they look really good! They're super light too so I can easily use them for conventions. Super happy! ^.^"
    Alexa Davis
  • "Basically us and other people what you thought about your purchased weapon prop. Did you like it? What did you think of it? Would you shop with us again? "
    Manami Azuma
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