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  1. I don't see a shipping price anywhere. Where is it?

    Well I do shipping one of two way:

    1. If a convention is coming up and you want to save a bunch on shipping then I will bring it to a convention that a staff member or myself is attending.

    2. As there are different weapon props weights there will be different prices for shipping. I would need to weigh it after it was completed or estimate it and tell you.

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  1. I don't see the weapon prop that I want. Can you make it for me?

    Yes we can. Here at Wonderful World of Weapon Props we take pride at making new kinds of weapon props and ensuring that you get exactly what you want.

  2. Can I get my full amount of money back if I decide that I don't want the commission half way through?

    No you will be reimbursed all the money EXCEPT the amount worth of materials for the prop. Until it is sold you can put the rest of the money back on it to finish paying it off however.

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Time Periods for Props

  1. How long will the prop take to build?

    Generally it will take 2-5 days to build a prop (providing there arent any other props being worked on at the same time). Though painting the props are what takes the longest since I dont want to paint to fast for the paint to wrinkle on itself. Painting takes between 1-2 weeks at the least.

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Anime Conferences

  1. Do you make Anime Con legal props?

    Yes actually I follow the guidelines of Otakon for their rules for weapon props. If people want their prop bigger then I will give them to option of the prop being able to break apart or not.

  2. What con will you guys be at next?

    We will post this information when it becomes ready on the Home page.

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  1. What type of materials do you use for your props?

    Well typically my prop business started from using various woods but now I will be incorporating Model Resin in the smaller props. So if someone needs that prop right away it would take a day to our the mold then a few days to paint it up. But ultimately the decision for what type of material you want your prop made out of is the customer.

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  • "I got the 2 Rikku daggers from here and they're soooo well made and they look really good! They're super light too so I can easily use them for conventions. Super happy! ^.^"
    Alexa Davis
  • "Basically us and other people what you thought about your purchased weapon prop. Did you like it? What did you think of it? Would you shop with us again? "
    Manami Azuma
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